Experion’s approach for bringing your product vision to life

Almost all the products that we develop are critical to our customers’ core businesses. From mission-critical business applications to revenue-generating digital products, our customers rely on our product engineering expertise to stay relevant in their industries and grow to their highest potential.

Our Product Engineering philosophy can be summarized in three fundamental tenets:

  • Leverage the power of imagination and creativity by co-creating with the customer
  • Early validation of the concept and its value through a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) blueprint
  • Value-centric, collaborative, Agile-based development that targets continuous product improvement

These missions are fulfilled by our blueprint approaches – xPlore and xEcute.

The xPlore Framework

xPlore, our MVP conceptualization blueprint approach, ensures a definite value delivery for our clients. This exercise gives our clients and us early visibility and higher predictability into the entire process, improving our ability to engineer positive outcomes.

The xPlore framework is unrelentingly focused on the customer’s goals and challenges. Product Owners, User Experience Designers, Technical Architects, and Scrum Masters form cross-functional core teams that handle xPlore.

Our designers develop user story wireframes that the customer validates. xPlore also promotes creating clickable prototypes, mind maps, empathy maps, customer journey flows, and process flow models, among other assets.

Our approach of co-creating with our clients enables us to innovate and (re)imagine the business construct – giving us a view into the opportunity through the eyes of the end-users.

The fundamental goal of xPlore is to answer the critical questions of What, Why, How, Who, and Sustenance. xPlore deliverables include Product Vision and roadmap, Go-to-Market Plan, Channel Strategy, Monetization Plan, Value validation, Operations Plan, Product Lifetime Plan, Product Scope, Development Schedule, Proposed Architecture, Prioritized Product Roadmap, Identified Tools, clearly defined and repeatable processes, high-level estimated budget for the MVP and subsequent phases.

xPlore ensures that the customer and our development teams know precisely what goes into each sprint during the engagement, and most importantly, are aware of what outcomes from the MVP and future releases will define success.

The xEcute Framework

xEcute, our approach to MVP Development, is crafted around the wealth of knowledge we have gleaned from our experience over the years building digital products, platforms, and applications for our clients across industries.

As part of xEcute, we work with our customers to form a unified Product Team that utilizes Agile-based development practices to enrich the products being built continuously.

Over the evolution of xPlore, we have understood that Agile principles not only enable us to develop digital solutions faster but also give us the invaluable opportunity to rethink the customer’s business problems to innovate and offer customized solutions that address them more efficiently.

Therefore, xEcute ensures that the development team is integrated into the co-creation space of the product, ultimately transforming their product mindset. The focus shifts to making sure that the right product is delivered to the right people at the right time.

Why xPlore & xEcute Works

The xEcute process also commits to systematically refactoring the customer’s digital product vision into product epics, features, and user stories using tools like storyboarding, impact mapping, and process modeling. The Framework has a comprehensive Definition of Ready (DoR) and Definition of Done (DoD) library, and the most appropriate DoR and DoD conditions for specific projects are selected from this source.

The actual development of the MVP follows all Scrum ceremonies – product backlog refinement, sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint reviews, and sprint retrospective – to deliver a completed MVP to the customer.

The xPlore and xEcute frameworks combine to power Experion’s approach to Digital Product Engineering. By tapping into our expertise that has evolved and matured with time, it is a testament to our passion for delivering business outcomes.

Together, they provide a 360-degree Product Management Canvas encompassing behaviors, practices, and procedures in conceptualizing, incubating, and building MVPs.

  • They provide early visibility into the developing product, allowing customers to critically evaluate the features and designs they have envisioned before spending time and effort on full-scale product development.
  • They distill clarity on the product roadmap, milestones, schedule, and budget before initiating development, allowing the customers to make business plans confidently.
  • They provide a window for the customer to validate the product idea with tangible assets such as wireframes, product mock-ups, and an MVP.
  • The human-centered design approach used in the Framework helps pre-validate business goals and end-user goals, ensuring successful adoption of the product.
  • The Agile development principles followed while developing the MVP accelerate development while providing flexibility for course correction throughout the engagement.