In the last ten years, there has been a radical change in how employees view their jobs. They anticipate that it will complement their personalities, values, aspirations, and way of life. The truth is that high performance both internally and externally to the organization results from a positive workplace culture. Businesses have developed to put people first to change the workplace culture.  

To attract top talent in today’s market, businesses must improve their recruiting skills—as well as their culture. People-first cultures are established in a way of thinking that values people over benefits. The unexpected wind is that when employees are esteemed as entire individuals and given the valuable chance to prosper, connect, and satisfy they tend to be more creative, strong, and beneficial. 

As we know a people-first culture can mean various things to various companies and accomplishing this kind of social arrangement is a higher priority than at any other time in the post-Coronavirus world. Experion’s culture embraces the qualities like happiness, well-being, and empathy, into business systems to create a positive and holistic workplace culture. 

Why is Putting People First a Smart Business Strategy? 

Establishing a culture that puts the needs of its employees first demonstrates your confidence in and support for them. Additionally, it increases the appeal of your organization to people who are drawn to the work you do and who appreciate the exciting and encouraging culture you have created. 

These days organizations strive to create an employee-friendly workspace to empower them to boost their efficiency at work. A people-first approach positively impacts employee retention since it is less likely for them to leave a workplace with a better work environment. In practice, this could imply providing additional classes and holistic experiences such as yoga, budget planning, or stress-reduction workshops to help them improve their mental and physical health.  

The Change in human-to-human connect 

The entire framework of culture has changed after the pandemic, the digital divide has left people with an utter need to build relationships that are long-lasting and create a larger impact in the future. The concept of building engagement and combating isolation requires transferring a positive office culture online to foster an inclusive culture for remote workers. Creating a work environment with positive ethics, customer empathy, and a powerful sense of social responsibility results in building authentic human connections. 

Enhance the sense of meaning and purpose at work  

A people-centered approach is highly based on a work culture that adds purpose and meaning to the work environment. One of the major factors affecting the people-first approach is trust by the means of which you trust the capabilities of your team and consider them responsible and accountable for their roles in the organization. 

Pursue options for meeting employee needs 

When employees’ expectations are met and they feel genuinely cared for, they tend to be loyal to the company. There is obviously much more to employee experience than the office space and the tech. We take an employee-first approach to policymaking because, as an organization that values its employees as its most valuable resource, every corporate decision is made to strategically benefit them and ensure they know they are valued at the organization. Experion’s “open-door” policy ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity to learn from our leaders and make the most of their time here. We also believe in Meritocracy, an ideal ingrained in our core value system, in which our employees are always rewarded without regard for their skill and talent. 

Instill a learning culture 

One of the best ways to carry forward the people-first approach is to acknowledge your employees and encourage them to learn at every step. We’re passionate about constantly raising the bar and improving our services at Experion, and it shows in the Culture of Learning we work hard to foster in our workforce community. Human Resources runs several internal campaigns to keep employees interested in learning and motivated to complete the recommended hours of learning each week. Mailers that recognize and appreciate the organization’s top learners are sent out once a week, with a special mention of the number of learning hours each of them has completed.  

The power of people-first 

People-centric organizations have leaders who recognize that their employees are what make them successful. Businesses are aware that when workers feel appreciated and cared for, they are more intrinsically motivated to perform their jobs and are more engaged. They go above and beyond simply because they want to help a company that cares about them. 

The Great Place to Work certification reflects Experion’s effort to create a people-centric organization. We have always focused on fostering a workplace culture that enables our employees to innovate & grow. It is possible because of each Experionite who contributes towards making Experion Technologies a Great Place to Work.