Sports management software
Sports management software

About the Client

The client, Tennis360 Hub, is a technology startup based in California, USA. The client wanted to develop a web and mobile-based solution for tennis players, especially young tennis players who find it difficult to find competition outside of their routine peer group to continue to sharpen their skills.


Business background

Players, coaches, and parents often spend hours on emails and phone calls to find tennis partners, schedule matches, or locate courts. There are also scenarios where players play against the same people over and over as they aren’t aware of other players in their region who are of similar age and have similar playing skills. To overcome these problems, the client wanted to develop a solution that can help players find partners, locate courts, and schedule matches with just one to two clicks on their laptop or phone.



Experion partnered with the client to define the requirements and design, develop & deploy the sports management software. As the application would be used by a diverse user base comprising young players, their parents, and their coaches, extensive research was carried out and various iterations of the UI/UX were developed to ensure it would be accepted by the target audience. The highly intuitive and responsive web application was put through multiple rounds of testing to ensure that the application was error-free, scalable, and devoid of any performance issues. The solution suite also included native iOS and Android applications for the stakeholders to conveniently access the functionality on the go.

The following are some of the key functionalities supported by the application:

  • Find partners by skill-levels, pre-defined player traits, city or distance
  • Schedule matches by sending a message directly to another player or broadcasting to a group
  • Option to add scheduled matches to a calendar and get notifications/ reminders
  • Capture post-match scores and insights including endorsing player traits
  • Search nearby courts by city or distances and view court facilities
  • Mark favorite partners for recurring play, etc.

After the initial piloting with select user groups and locations, the application is currently live and the mobile applications are available for download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play. The solution has garnered a considerable user base since going live and has been recommended by many as a great tool for players to connect and get more opportunities to play.


Business Benefits 

  • It is one of the first sports management software to address the challenges of finding tennis partners for junior players, especially one incorporating the functionality of searching based on specific criteria like location and skill-level.
  • In pilot tests and early trails, 95% of the users reported that the app was intuitive, easy to use and would recommend it to their friends
  • Added convenience for players to locate players and courts, schedule matches, track scores, provide feedback, and capture notes using the mobile or web application.
  • Ever since the application went live, Tennis360 Hub has won numerous endorsements from National and State Tennis Associations as well as leading sporting brands



  • iOS
  • Android
  • PHP
  • MySQL