SaaS-based Enterprise Procurement Platform
SaaS-based Enterprise Procurement Platform

About the client

The client, YouNi A B, is an IT products and services company based in Sweden. The company offers IT services through specialized service partners in the Scandinavian region, whereas project management and account relationships are managed locally by YouNi.

Business background

The primary challenge for the client was to identify a technology partner to develop, deploy, and support a SaaS-based Enterprise Procurement Platform called “EasyRequests”. Unlike typical B2C solutions, EasyRequests was targeted at enterprises and would cater to a complex business domain. EasyRequests was also envisaged to be cloud-based and offered as a subscription-based platform (SaaS) to streamline communication and collaboration in the corporate procurement process.

YouNi was also looking to increase its services portfolio in emerging areas such as mobile application development, analytics/ business intelligence, and the development of the latest web solutions.

Solution summary

EasyRequests Platform: Experion helped the client develop the EasyRequests enterprise procurement portal. The web-based, easy-to-use solution helps corporate users to effectively manage their procurement process. The solution replaces mail-based procurement and project requests processes which made it difficult to analyze customer responses and track the request process from initiation to closure. The application provides options for corporate users to define an assignment/ project requirement and set up a survey request. The request will consist of a survey form, which provides a set of questions (with relative weights and scores) for the invited suppliers to provide responses. The suppliers can view the request, respond to the survey, and provide a quote using the application.

The responses from various suppliers are shown in the corporate user dashboard for easy review and analysis. The system also auto-evaluates the supplier responses based on assigned weights and scores.The supplier responses are evaluated, and a final selection is made by the corporate user using the system, thus completing the pre-award procurement process phase. The system provides a set of dashboards and KPI reports for managing and tracking ongoing requests. As a SaaS product hosted on a cloud platform, the solution provides customers and suppliers with various license options, and payments can be carried out using a payment gateway as well.

Web & Mobile Application Development Services: To support its IT services arm, YouNi forged a partnership with Experion to offer IT services, especially in web and mobile technologies, to its end customers. Under the agreement, YouNi manages local project management services and owns the project delivery responsibility with the client. Experion functioned as the offshore IT arm of YouNi and completed the development, testing, and deployment of the solution from its development centers in India. The model was very successful and in a short duration of time, Experion delivered more than half a dozen projects for YouNi.

Business benefits for the client:

  • Delivered the enterprise product EasyRequests within a brief time frame of four months
  • The SaaS product was a unique offering in the B2B market, replacing conventional systems
  • Helped the client expand its horizons by offering cost-effective IT services to its customers
  • The working model helped the client evolve as a niche IT services provider in the market


  • iOS
  • Android
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • AWS