The Background  

Based in Australia, the client is a subsidiary of a large business group with holdings in the hospitality, gaming, and technology industries. They also provide technology & software solutions to retail chains across Australia, enabling them to deliver their services efficiently to their customers. Their offerings to retailers include data & analytics, business intelligence, and customer loyalty solutions as well.  

The Challenge  

Retail stores in Australia have been using the client’s retail management solution to manage and streamline the business operations of store chains for many years nowHowever, this legacy application had a host of issues including a lack of transparency in data handling, unavailability of a single insightful report/dashboard, and an increased dependency on dedicated resources to provide customer support.  

Having identified these issues, the client wanted to partner with an experienced vendor with the right technical know-how to upgrade their current retail management solution. 

The Solution  

Team Experion proposed developing an advanced retail management solution that meets the scalability needs of large retail chains. Due to the complexity of the business challenges being addressed and the size of stakeholders involved, the engagement started with the development of a prototype. Both the client and Experion agreed to proceed with the full-scale development once a consensus was reached on the efficiency of the prototype.  

After the successful completion of a prototype, development began with creating a solution for smaller retail chains – those with one headquarter and two stores. With this MVP, the team was able to understand how the solution would affect a smaller business, helping them then plan the implementation for bigger retail chains 

The final solution was a retail management solution that could link any number of remote stores to their headquarters to centrally manage business operations for consistency and better visibility. The solution also has an insightful reporting dashboard that enables meaningful interpretation of datfor better forecasting and management of sales, operations, inventory, etc. The solution also offers in-store analytics to make data-informed decisionsincreasing individual store performance through its insightful reporting dashboard.   

This retail management solution allows retail chains to integrate directly with their existing POS systems and keep all stores connected while managing business operations from the headquarters. The central management of business operations reduces dependency and stress on internal technical teams, improves efficiency, and reduces cost. Using this comprehensive retail management solution, the client is committed can now offer retailers the promise of increased sales, improved revenue, and a better ROI on their technology investments.   

 The Payoff  

  • Establisheunified business operations procedures across retail stores  
  • Streamlined communication across the enterprise  
  • Reduced cost required for product support  
  • Increased store productivity   
  • Reduced time required for support  
  • Ensured superior and consistent customer service across retail stores