Telehealth solution for North American health and wellness conglomerate

Experion makes new strides in teleconsultation with a product that impresses with scalability, ingenuity, and public reach.

A project that assimilates the tenets of the ‘new-normal, it tasted success owing to its unique intuitiveness and ease of use; features that prime it to be a future force to reckon with.

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Regulation compliance project for market-leading non-bank mortgage provider in record time

The changes to the Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA) in 2019 caused companies across the mortgage and loan industry to make major changes to their existing legacy systems.  

When our client in the mortgage industry was faced with making changes to the very heart of their operations – a comprehensive loan and mortgage solution – they entrusted the task to Experion, an IT partner who had managed to win their confidence and trust.  

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Cloud-based Automated Estimation tool for a large construction & engineering design services enterprise in the US

When Experion ‘entered the matrix’!

A testament of our experts’ willingness to constantly reinvent and make innovations to defeat challenges; our customer, a real-estate player, reached out to Experion to fix a major efficiency problem that arose from their spreadsheets which, at the time, resembled an infinite matrix.

Read on to learn about our unique Autodesk plugin that was key to cracking the unsolvable problem.

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Digital health solution to promote lifestyle change

When a leading pharmaceutical company in South-East Asia wanted to expand their business and build an mHealth platform offering digital care solutions, Experion swooped in with the expertise and technical know-how the project needed. This “Digital Health Locker” is set to improve the health of its users and aid doctors in providing timely interventions for their patients.

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Digital platform for on-demand automobile refueling for US-based early-stage enterprise

Experion created a suite of applications for an early-stage enterprise in the Oil & Energy industry. Armed with the aim to create a greener world, the client had a one-of-a-kind idea for a service that enabled customers to get their vehicles refueled on-the-go, without the hassle of queueing up at a fuel station.

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Mobile platform to calculate risk and augment cardiovascular diagnoses and treatment

Experion built a mobile application that would help evaluate individuals’ propensity to develop heart disease for one of the largest, not-for-profit medical societies in the world. A one-of-its-kind application with far-reaching possibilities in the field of remote medical diagnostics, the application proved to be a boon in the midst f the pandemic, providing hundreds of patients access to primary diagnoses.

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