Cardiac diseases are a leading cause of death and hospitalization around the world every year. As per statistics, heart diseases are in the top five list of killer ailments around the world. The irony is that such diseases are very much preventable. A healthy diet combined with moderate exercise, proper stress management and other such simple changes can keep future attacks in check. Monitoring cardiac patients round-the-clock also prevents recurrence in future. The Client The client is a socially responsible early-stage organization, with strong focus on cardiac health. The client team is driven by the motto of “no cardiac patient left behind” in availing guidance to enhance patient outcomes. Headed by leaders with a great vision, the organization continues to be a leader in developing innovative healthcare solutions.

Client Requirements

The client needed a smart solution that would help to prevent cardiac diseases recurrence in patients and reduce first-time occurrences. Such a tool would also reduce dependence on expensive and offline rehabilitation programs. There was a need for a simple, intuitive, user-friendly and secure solution as well. What they were looking for is the partnership with a trusted and experienced IT provider.

Experion Solution

Experion partnered with the client to develop a secure and stable solution that learns from the patient’s daily routine. The solution then comes up with suggestions for simple alterations to the patient lifestyle. Patients can also remotely engage with physicians for advice, which leads to faster recovery. In addition to the above, the services of a human coach would be made available to users. Coaches guide users throughout the recovery period, leading to improved patient outcomes. Another feature is the availability of social support from the user’s partner, friend, relative or spouse.

Key Features

  • Machine learning capability helps learn from patient habits and suggest improvements
  • Remotely connecting patient to physician for consultation and advice
  • Human guides for online advice on diet, exercise and lifestyle changes
  • Social support through a relative, spouse or partner
  • Apple HealthKit and ResearchKit components for gathering key insights


  • Enhanced patient outcomes
  • Cheaper option when compared to offline programs
  • Data collated over time helps enhance patient outcomes
  • Mortality rates brought down as a result of improved lifestyle
  • Cost savings by way of eliminating disease recurrence
  • Considerable savings in patient coverage costs by insurance companies
  • Online rehabilitation for patients who dislike frequent trips to hospital