Physicians the world over are forced to spend a lot of time on cumbersome paperwork. Such distractions affect quality time spent with patients thereby limiting patient experience. Mobile solutions can empower physicians by helping them update patient information in real-time. Such solutions also save millions of dollars for hospitals by way of bringing down missed reports.

The Client

The client is a globally reputed institution with prime focus on positive patient outcomes. They are a leading centre of excellence in areas such as oncology, nephrology and cardiology. In existence for over a century, they also run a chain of premier hospitals in Australia.

Business Challenges

  • Physicians spending a third of their time updating patient records manually
  • Patients losing out on quality time with physicians, leading to reduced patient outcomes
  • Millions of dollars lost annually as a result of missed patient reports
  • Lost records preventing timely insurance submissions.

The Experion Solution

Experion created a multi-platform billing solution that helps doctors view or update consultation information of patients under their care in real time. The intuitive application makes it easy for physicians to fill in important details at the right time, leading to enhanced efficiencies and saved revenues

Business Benefits

  • Application allows fast access to patient details, saving time
  • Reduced paperwork reduces stress for care providers
  • Faster access to patient billing history and missed opportunity reports
  • $35 saved per missed consultation, that results in millions of dollars saved per year
  • 30% savings in time, by automating patient details updation
  • Overall boost to patient experience