The Background 

One of the largest, not-for-profit medical societies in the world approached Experion to build a mobile application that would help evaluate individuals’ propensity to develop heart disease. The app was slated to be the extension of the organization’s web application to carry out the same task. Catering to a broad age spectrum, the system was based on a score calculated using a multivariate equation that would quantitate the person’s risk. Though was made available to the common public, the product was aimed primarily at doctors, since the web application had tasted success with mostly those in the medical field.  

The Challenge 

The organization wanted to build an app that would be useprimarily by seniors, meaning the UIs would need bespoke treatmentTherefore, the wireframe of the web app had to serve merely as inspiration, while the designers would have to reimagine the application.  

The client struggled to eradicate many glitches in the risk calculators used; many of the terms were erroneously factored into the formulae, yielding results beyond the boundary conditions (0-100). As a consequence of limited technical know-how, the formulae needed correction with awareness on the mathematical aspects, factoring in the variance and genetic differences within populations.  

Access to the web app was hindered in certain regions by its data requirements. 

The Solution 

To set the ball rolling, we began with regular reviews with SME’s from the client’s side to better understand what was in the offing. Though the rigid hierarchy of the organization & their limited technical manpower and experience made this difficult task, our developers were able to work at the organization’s convenience through effective management strategies. The challenging situation due to the pandemic had to be dealt with through video conferencing with our collaborators. Our team was able to understand their requirements better because of these interventions. As a result, we were brought face to face with the target audience and empowered to visualize the application through their eyes; the UI we designed proved to be user-friendly and effective.  

The spirited discussion with the customer, combined with our own research, helped our seasoned programmers derive the correct formulae for the risk calculators used in the application. This enabled our application and led to the corrections in the organization’s web tool that is still used by many. Still, the switch to the mobile application was possible for all users across the globe as it was small in size (due to the absence of back-end) and had minimal data requirements. In short, Experion was able to foster the customer’s reputation as well as its own by completing this unique product in a laudably short span.  

The Payoff 

  • A one-of-its-kind application with far-reaching possibilities in the field of remote medical diagnostics 
  • Developed the app for both Android and iOS platforms 
  • Scalable to use in analytics for medical research and combination with wellness treatment schemes and so on 
  • Helped aid the quarantine effort by providing customers with primary diagnoses