The Background

Headquartered in the US, the client offers market data analysis services to organizations across the globe, enabling them to make the right business and marketing decisions. The client also provides consulting services through its proprietary panel and an extensive network of highly scrutinized and trusted partners.

The Challenge

The client depended on multiple legacy systems to carry out their business operations. With diversified human resources spread over different geographical locations, the client experienced poor integration between systems and an enormous amount of time spent on the manual effort, leading to low data quality and therefore, low business output. The client wanted an experienced IT partner and chose Experion to design & develop an innovative market data analysis software platform that caters to the dynamic market requirements such as programmatic sampling and data-driven analysis.

The Solution

Experion proposed an enterprise-level multi-tenant software platform that caters to the business objectives and client expectations. Our team also proposed incorporating a reporting and widget module that leverages advanced analytics to draw meaningful insights to make better business decisions. The solution, envisioned as being built using cloud technologies, will be easily scalable for future needs.  

Driven by a collaborative approach, Experion began developing the software incorporating all existing system features and adding new requirements. Dedicated business analysts were in touch with the client to streamline the development process. 

The tech stack used to develop this solution included:

  •  .Net Core 2.7
  •  Angular JS7 & Azure SQL Server
  • Notification Hub
  • Azure data factory
  • Asp.Net Identity
  • Customized Ocelot Library
  • Redis Cache
  • Azure Queue
  • Azure Search Index Technologies. 

We have incorporated a dynamic analytics dashboard that draws visual insights for the users to make better business decisions. As part of this engagement, Experion provides on-going support and maintenance to the client. 

The Payoff

  • Improved business efficiency and reduced turnaround time for client requests.
  • Enhanced the data quality, eliminated the data loss and avoided data duplication.
  • Incorporated advanced sampling methodologies leading to reduced cost and competitive pricing. 
  • Reduces the turnaround time between the client, partners, and end-users during the feasibility study and launch.