The Background 

The client is a leading Edutech solutions provider who works in the vocational training, further education, and employment services sectors in Europe.   

They offer comprehensive Edutech platform for crafting and executing training programs, increasing employability, and providing job-search support. The platform is rich in features including remote enrolment, remote assessment, and insights through Power BI reports, webinar management, and a sophisticated resume builder, among other utilities that are imperative to a world-class Edutech solutions provider. 

The Challenge 

As the client worked with a legacy Edutech platform, issues such as scalability, increased security risks, and incompatibility with the latest digital technologies and made it difficult for them to realize their business objectives effectively. Realizing the need for an accelerated digital transformation to tackle the competitive market, the client began their hunt for the right technology partner.  

To zero-in on the right digital transformation solutions provider, they conducted a POC evaluation between the vendors they shortlisted after thorough research.  Eventually, team Experion was selected, as they came up with a road-map and action plan with the shortest time-to-market most efficiently.     

The Solution 

In collaboration with the client, team Experion laid down digital transformation roadmap and an action plan.  As part of this engagement, Experion transformed the existing legacy platform into a comprehensive Edutech platform that ensured a superior user experience for tutors, students, program managers, administrators, and other stakeholders. Additionally, Experion conducted quality assurance of the new platform to make sure that the platform the client released to the customers had absolutely no glitches.  

The team has tripled in size since the beginning of the engagement and has been responsible for some of the major business breakthroughs for the client during the timeframe of the engagement. Experion has worked with the client to augment their efforts and provided key support in their digital transformation journey.   

The Payoff 

  • The digital transformation resulted in increased automation and improved efficiency 
  •  Able to offer personalized learning solutions based on individual student persona 
  • High engagement learning that led to increased customer loyalty 
  • Streamlined onboarding of corporate customers to the platform, improving adoption and customer satisfaction