The Background 

An early-stage enterprise that aims to work towards a greener world, the client envisioned bringing an on-demand fuel delivery experience to automobile owners across the country. This forward-thinking company is committed to transforming the future into a more sustainable one.  

The client wanted to create a modern way to fuel vehicles on-the-go, by crafting a seamless digital experience that would enable customers to refuel their vehicles without the inconvenience of finding and visiting a fuel station.  The fuel would be brought to the customer at select store parking lots, with the only onus on the customer being that they leave their tanks open for refueling.  

The Challenge 

Currently, there is no streamlined fueling process outside the traditional means. Furthermore, this singular method is riddled with issues, including long wait times & a lack of transparency in fuel management, rates, and receipts.  

The client wanted to build an integrated suite of applications that included the customer application, an application for the delivery agent, and an admin portal for the service provider. Some of the features that these applications needed to encompass included a listing of service offerings, on-demand consumer request processing, last-mile fuel delivery with real-time validations, and flexible payment methods. 

The client also imagined the on-demand fuel delivery platform as having the capability to extend the model for other disruptive service offerings with minimal configuration. 

The Solution 

The team at Experion brought the client’s vision to life by building the suite of applications they imagined, exactly as they saw in their mind’s eye. 

Convenience is reimagined with this service offering. The client has tie-ups with select stores and parking lots across the country to set up designated parking slots for their customers. All a customer has to do while on a regular shopping run is park their vehicle in one of these slots, leaving their tank open, and they will return to their cars refueled, without even logging into an application or interacting with a digital interface. As their payment details were collected at the time of registering for the service, the fuel cost is auto-deducted from their bank accounts, further adding to the convenience of their experience.  

The Consumer Portal built by Experion allows them to view their recent transactions, payment details, and order history, if they so choose, and provides the customer the option of receiving detailed receipts and providing feedback on the service provided by the delivery agent. 

The suite of applications built to enable this service includes the Consumer Portal, a Delivery Agent App, and an Admin Portal.  

The Delivery Agent App allows the fueling agents to scan a vehicle license plate (or enter the details manually) and initiate the refueling process. The app provides them with information about any pending payments and then has a provision for entering the quantity of fuel filled while calculating the payable amount. The app also provides them a list view of all previous transactions by the customer at all the different locations the service was availed. 

The Admin Portal has been built to generate insightful reports on all business operations and customer behavior, such as fueling & transaction patterns. 

Currently, the client is piloting the service at various locations and collecting feedback on the experience and adoption of the applications built.   

Technology Stack 

  • iOS (Objective-C and Swift)  
  • Angular PWA 
  • ASP.NET Core 
  • Stripe payment gateway 
  • Twillio SMS 
  • Shopify POS payment interface 
  • Sendgrid 
  • Google Cloud Services 
  • PostgreSQL 
  • Google App Engine  

The Payoff 

  • The client has been able to carve a foothold for themselves in an emerging market, with the confidence of having built applications precisely tailored to their requirements.  
  • The time and effort saved by customers while using these applications contribute to the client’s vision of a cleaner, greener world.  
  • The auto-payment feature adds greatly to the reimagining of the convenience experience, further reducing the action points the customer needs to be involved in 
  • The digital invoice delivery keeps the transactions transparent & trustworthy.