The  Client 

With business spanning over 30 countries, the client is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in South-East Asia. They manufacture and market nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products and are committed to exploring new approaches towards sustainable health and wellness. 

The Background 

The client wanted to set up a new line of business in the digital healthcare ecosystem – an mHealth platform that offers digital healthcare solutions for promoting healthy lifestyles and proactive clinical care. Experion partnered with them from the inception of the idea until commercialization.   

The Solution 

The mHealth platform acts as a ‘Digital Health Locker’ where users can periodically record their health and activity data. It helps users become more health conscious, improve self-care, and ensure medication adherence by providing timely reminders and alerts. The platform adheres to healthcare data protection and privacy standards such as HIPAA, CCPA & NIST and puts the end-user in complete control over the data stored in the locker. Users can also provide restricted access to their data to healthcare stakeholders on a need-to-know basis.   

Doctors and medical coaches also have a dashboard where they get insights into the user’s health based on the patients’ data and the medical reports they have saved. In addition, the mHealth platform will allow doctors and coaches to suggest diets, provide customized exercise recommendations per their health conditions, and even provide in-person assistance when required. 

Technology Stack 

Android, iOS, ReactJS, NodeJS, PostgreSQL  

The Payoff 

  • Improved monitoring of patient’s health and activity 
  • Enhanced patient experience  
  • A single comprehensive information repository 
  • Insightful dashboards that foster healthy behavior and therefore promote a healthy life