The client is a well-known retail outlet in India operating on the eCommerce model, connecting businesses in a community setting. One of their primary goals is to link suppliers to households through a digital marketplace and provide goods at a reasonable cost at the right time to customers. Since they had newly started off the e-business, they felt the need for an experienced and reliable IT partner who could deliver the proposed model well within the budgetary constraints and short timelines. They had also planned rolling out the business model across various locations. The client also wanted a scalable architecture, and this was a key requirement to ensure a large number of end-user transactions.

Experion Solution

Experion partnered with the client to develop a digital marketplace built using open source technologies. Development of the portal was completed in a collaborative manner, with continuous involvement of the client team. This helped in the quick adaption of the client to business optimizations, and also provided early visibility of product development progress to all stakeholders. Development and testing of the portal was completed over a six month period. The application is currently live, with the volume of user transactions growing over 50% every month.

Key Features

  • One-stop portal for businesses to showcase products/services
  • Provision for home delivery
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface and buying process
  • Integration with online payment gateways
  • Convenient subscription plans based on historical purchase patterns
  • Comprehensive admin functionality for users to set up products and manage orders/payments

Business Transformation

  • The client is free to focus on strategic objectives, as IT support is taken care of by Experion.
  • Software maintenance & support provided by Experion till client reaches business stabilization
  • Transactions grew at 50% per month after system go live