The client is a well-known, experienced IT solution provider to the healthcare industry. Their solutions focus on building connectivity across healthcare covering the clinical, business and consumer. They are specialists offering software solutions to hospitals, clinics, primary healthcare centers, community and area health services and private practices. They are also present in the mental health space. Their mission is to use technology to transform the patient journey across the multiple instances of the healthcare practice. The client was passionate about simplifying patient journey, and on the lookout for a reliable IT partner who could develop a mobile application to manage health. The solution would be used to collect user health parameters from the comfort of their homes using monitoring devices and wearables. The solution would relay this information to their physicians. This time period could also be based on the user decision.

What is a PHR System?

A PHR is a tool that used to collect, track and share past and current information about individual health. All individuals should have immediate access to an accurate, reliable and complete PHR. They must have the control over how personal health information is accessed, used, and disclosed. A PHR may be separate from and does not normally replace the legal medical record of any provider.

Experion Solution

Experion came up with a mobile solution that enabled users to share personal health information with their physicians. The project involved the development of a mobile-based Personal Health Record application(PHR)for end users. The application stores health information (allergies, medications, test results, consultation summaries, emergency contacts, medical appointments, prescriptions, reminders, etc.) in one secure location. The solution is also integrated with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems using HL7 standards.

Key Features of the System

  • Consolidated Personal Health Record of individual users and family members
  • Option to provide external access to health records in case of emergency
  • Ability to communicate and securely share information with healthcare professionals
  • Web and Mobile (iOS & Android) access to view and update Personal Health Records
  • Integration with EMR systems for accessing Order Entry (ORM) & Order Result (ORU) messages
  • Adherence to security standards that ensures the safety and privacy of personal information
  • Avoid duplicate instances of tests, saving both time and money
  • Users can renew prescriptions, book appointments, email physicians and learn more about  medical conditions & medication.