The Background

The client is a leading financial services firm in the US that provides portfolio management recommendations. They provide services such as Investment Management, Tax consultation, and Financial Advisor Training and help financial advisors across the world to create investment strategies.

The Challenge

The client used spreadsheets to handle routine tasks and keep track of the vast volumes of data that they had access to. It was a manual, time-consuming process that made it practically impossible to provide quick analytical reports to their clients. They also lacked a portfolio management platform for other companies to view their portfolio performances. 

The Solution 

Experion proposed a data analytics-powered investment advisory services platform as a solution to the challenges the client faced. 

The platform collects stock market data and loads it onto a central database. It then consolidates the collected data and presents it to the users – financial advisors, in this case – through a series of dashboards. These insights enable users to recommend the best investment plans for their clients. The high level of customization available in the tool also allows the users to present their findings using a series of visual elements.

Designed with an intuitive interface on Web, Desktop, Android, and iOS devices, the investment advisory services platform helps its users to manage different kinds of investment portfolios seamlessly. The platform also allows various data analytics reports to be downloaded in the .pdf file format.

The Payoff

  • The portfolio management platform aggregates data from multiple sources
  • The performance of client assets can  be easily tracked 
  • It provides the ability to create the user’s own benchmarks by choosing the best combination of holdings
  • Users have the flexibility to choose clients and portfolios and compare them against any benchmark 
  • Comprehensive analytics reports provide historical performance, predict future performance & evaluate the client risk tolerance 

Technology Used :

  • .NET and Angular
  • Tableau Software
  • Amazon Web Services