The Background 

The client is market leader in the off-duty security industryThey work directly with businesses and law enforcement agencies and intend to make it easy to find, hire, and pay law enforcement officers while complying with department guidelines.   

The Challenge 

The client’s research showed that almost 20% of all police officers take on additional employment to supplement their incomes by providing off-duty security for businesses, both directly and via third-party security agencies.    

 Most off-duty jobs are sourced directly through the police department Typically, the police department acts as a conduit to the supply of officers and does not participate in the revenue, invoicing, billing, etc. that are involved in these off-duty jobs.    

The problems faced in this manual management of the system were: 

  • Accountability on the job 
  • Access to off-duty jobs for the officers 
  • Officer invoicing themselves for off-duty jobs 
  • Agency invoice reconciliation 
  • Officer accountability at their respective police department 

To address these issues, the client wanted to develop and launch a comprehensive software platform that connects and coordinates all off-duty and extra-duty stakeholders in the business ecosystem. The envisaged software platform for off-duty management would allow its stakeholders seamless sourcing of law enforcement officers, help the officers find off-duty jobs in suitable geographies, and enable clocking-in and clocking-out and invoicing, among other utilities.   

The Solution 

Armed with thorough knowledge of the business objectives and market requirements of the client, Experion took over the existing solution and developed comprehensive software platform that would allow individuals, businesses, and security agencies to source and manage officers, mainly off-duty police, for private security jobs.    

The stakeholders of this platform would include: 

  • Security Agencies 
  • Law Enforcement Officers 
  • Clients 

The software platform helps security service providers find service requests from clients and take up requests based on the availability and convenience of the security personnel. While servicing such requests, the application uses location (GPSbased) capabilities and check-in features to track the location and time of service and provides alerts in case of servicelevel deviations. 

Additionally, the platform generates insightful reports to its stakeholders on jobs assigned, officer efficiency, and so on. It provides detailed reports of each job assigned to the clients and officers and the status on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It also allows the customers and agencies to rate officers based on their performance, which would be helpful to other stakeholders to evaluate an officer before assigning a job.  

The Payoff 

  • Created a marketplace for off-duty jobs, police officers, and customers. 
  • Brought accountability to private security jobs staffed with off-duty police officers by allowing officers to clock in and out of jobs using locationbased data to verify officers on-site. 
  • Automated billing / invoicing for police officers working off-duty jobs. 
  • Enabled police jurisdictions to more efficiently manage police officers who work off-duty jobs. 
  • Enabled provision to share customer feedback and reviews on the platform.