The client

The client, provides on-demand video lessons, conducts discussion forums, live teacher-student interactions, and more both online and offline. Based in the United States, the client offers audio and video lessons with easy-to-follow lesson sets and exercises. Students can avail of lessons online (through online channels), offline (through pre-recorded material), or onsite (through direct scheduled workshops).

Business background

Having established a niche name for itself in the field of online education, the client wanted to expand its platform by launching a new, easy-to-use e-Learning platform. The solution was intended to be used by teachers and students for subjects such as music, cooking, etc. 

To disrupt more traditional means of teaching, where physical notes are penned down, the objective was to “freeze traditions” by having all the teaching resources available on the e-learning platform for repeated use and future reference. The platform was envisaged to be a modern web application, available in a SaaS model, for teachers and students to collaborate, exchange information, and track their course progress.


As a technology provider with experience in the EduTech domain, Experion was selected by the client to develop the e-learning platform. A team of business analysts and UI/ UX specialists worked with the client to detail the use cases and to create the wireframes and UI designs for the platform. The team went through multiple iterations to design a solution that caters to a wide range of user personas across different age groups, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.

Once the requirements and user interface designs were finalized, Experion’s technical team started developing the system. Agile development practices were followed throughout the project and periodic releases were provided to the client to test the application early into the development process. 

Using the e-Learning platform, teachers can add teaching studios, upload textual/ audio/ video aids, provide instructions, and communicate with the students. Students can register on the portal, access teaching lessons (audio and video aids should be streamed from the browser), communicate with the teachers, and make payments using the portal. To ensure better adoption and to enhance the learning experience, gamification aspects were implemented in the solution through points and badges.

The completed application is currently live and the user base continues to grow; Experion provides ongoing development and support for the platform through a dedicated team for the client.

Business Benefits 

  • Able to pilot and launch the niche e-Learning platform within a short time frame of 4 months
  • The solution became one of the first and most successful e-learning platforms focused on traditional music & art forms
  • Provides a comprehensive set of options for traditional teachers to set up and manage online classes
  • The invoicing and payment process was simplified with the help of automatic reminders and online payment options


  • PHP
  • Yii Framework
  • jQuery
  • MySQL