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In an age of digital disruption, leaders in the enterprise world focus on rapidly delivering superior products to meet dynamic market demands. Every software product developed is evaluated based on criteria such as quality, functionality, effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, security, and stability, among other things. 

At Experion, we are committed to swiftly delivering quality software products. Our independent team of expert test engineers collaborates with enterprises to ensure a seamless and continuous agile delivery that surpasses every digital quality benchmark. 

Experion services include a 360° Quality Management Portfolio aligned to the end customer’s needs and our client’s success. We have a proven track record of delivering Testing services that drive innovation, engage customers, build brand equity, and increase revenue for our clients.


Our Software Testing Tools & Technologies 

Offerings from Experion


Automation Testing

Experion partners with enterprises to define the scope of automation, build a test automation strategy and layout testing roadmap that will result in the outcome they desire. After analyzing the objectives and the scope of testing, our team of experts leverages the latest testing tools to formulate the best automation architecture, ensuring faster and more accurate testing services.  

Experion’s end-to-end automation regression pack enables organizations to regress their products effectively with each change, through the right use of processes, tools, and best practices. Our Automation Center of Excellence ensures that the product is stable across all releases by detecting all defects in the existing code, as well as any feature enhancements. 

Our Test Automation Solution aims to eliminate all the manual activities to achieve maximum acceleration and address all the test automation needs of an enterprise by increasing release velocity & speed-to-market, resulting in maximum Return on Investment.


Performance Testing

We offer Performance Testing to evaluate various quality attributes such as responsiveness, availability, stability, and scalability. By executing software performance testing, we enable enterprises to get the most optimal performance out of their product and achieve superior customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Driven by multi-skilled experts coming from diverse backgrounds that range from performance consulting, performance monitoring, performance testing, non-functional testing, development, analysis, and database administration to COTS expertise and application support, our team is one of the best and most experienced in the industry.

With performance testing, we ensure that the product meets the expected serviceability levels in production and delivers a unique and compelling user experience post-go-live of the product. We deliver custom testing services that align with the client’s requirements, the current state of performance maturity, and their challenges at hand. 


Security Testing

We help enterprises identify vulnerabilities within their system and prevent any potential intruders by following the latest security testing techniques. We offer comprehensive security testing services to enterprises across industry domains to uncover weaknesses, privacy breaches, and security vulnerabilities in policies and procedures, tools and techniques, and other industry-specific security regulations and standards and provide actionable recommendations to minimize the risk. 

Our team consists of security testing experts, ethical hackers, and code analyzers with expertise in multiple industries and domains, leveraging cutting-edge technological tools for security testing.

We follow a phased and proactive approach to identify and rectify vulnerabilities in the software development process, which ensures quality product delivery as well as a superior customer experience.


Agile Testing

Experion’s full suite of Agile Testing service enables enterprises to integrate testing into the software development phases seamlessly to deliver high-quality software quickly and efficiently.  We enable enterprises to match the pace of the dynamic software development market with high testing speeds and superior quality products that deliver the best possible customer experience.

Experion automation frameworks support Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Acceptance TDD, and Automation First Test Development (AFTD). We help businesses enhance the quality and speed of delivery, thus helping them realize maximum business value using SoS (Scrum of Scrums), SAFe frameworks, etc.

We collaborate with enterprises to understand client business objectives, software usability, quality, and timeline objectives, enabling them to identify any issues in the software development and transfer those into executable recommendations. Our end-to-end agile testing strategy and distributed agile framework have helped enterprises achieve better business results and gain a competitive edge.


Functional Testing

Experion enterprises to meet their business requirements and complete the processes of verification and validation that meet user expectations through our comprehensive Functional Testing services. 

We focus on enhancing the quality of the developed software against defined specifications and meeting the business objectives for seamless and robust functionality. Our team collaborates with the clients to understand their requirements and formulates a roadmap to achieve desired results quickly and cost-effectively. 

With in-depth industry and domain expertise, our team uses the latest set of tools and techniques to implement an organized approach in functional testing services. We follow industry standards and best practices to detect software faults at the early stages of development to ensure functionality, quality, and stability of the product. 


Mobile Testing

With Experion’s State of the art Mobility Lab, you can test for flawless user experiences. Experion’s Mobility solutions help ensure quality across multiple operating systems, mobile browsers, smart-phone devices, and models, as well as carriers and locations. We provide a holistic and comprehensive mobile testing strategy that encompasses managing device and network infrastructure, selecting target devices, as well as leveraging manual and automated testing tools for functional and non-functional testing. 

Our mobile testing experts enable you to identify and correct performance-related issues, technical issues, and defects and optimize application performance effectively. We offer sophisticated mobile testing infrastructure that comprises our indigenous solutions as well as a range of third-party testing solutions that you can choose from.

In most cases, the test approach and strategies businesses use for testing software functionalities are insufficient for handling the quality testing of a mobile app. To ensure that the enterprise mobile application’s quality and intended functionalities are exactly as planned, businesses need specialized and competent mobile testing solutions, such as the ones provided by Experion.


“Overall, the (Experion) team has been very good at being diligent in their deliverables. Experion Technologies aided us in that (documentation and delivery) process as well, pointing us in the direction of what would help them the most. Since this isn’t our area expertise, having them guide us has been great.”

President & COO, Insurance Adjusting Firm

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CEO, B2B Research Organization

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CEO, Software Company

“Experion is one of the best software partners we’ve had. Experion’s commitment to success was evident in the final product. Following the software’s deployment, overall sales have increased by 40% and overhead costs have been significantly reduced.”

Director of IT, Food Products Manufacturer

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Co-founder, German Startup

Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution. The most impressive thing about them is their willingness to take on any challenge. They projected this perspective at all levels of their organization.

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