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Software systems enable enterprises to operate businesses efficiently while managing growth effectively. With changing organizational practices and rapidly improving technology, modern enterprises have started to rely more on such software systems. They are now investing in futuristic technologies that transform businesses.

Since technology evolves over time, businesses have to keep investing in newer applications, and also maintain, enhance / re-engineer legacy systems. Contemporary applications reduce downtime, trim costs and enhance user experience. Businesses across the world are adopting better and more agile ways of designing, building and maintaining suitable software. With a host of new technologies such as mobility,blockchain, cloud, IoT, big data analytics and AI, the capability of enterprise solutions to deliver value to clientele has increased exponentially.

Experion possesses the required expertise for building custom software solutions that deliver immense value to stakeholders as well as provide even better customer experience. Our business customers quickly transform to be long-term partners, as we delve deep to understand their business, and in the process, deliver long-lasting and effective solutions.

Services from Experion


Application Development & Maintenance

Today’s business enterprises have to respond immediately to changing customer requirements. And the driver of this change is often technology. Agility is also dependent on the readiness with which software solutions can evolve consistently to changing customer needs. Often, agility and speed are key to customer experience, business growth, as well as profits.

Fortunately, technologies such as Mobile, Web, Cloud, AI and Big Data have made business software development much more customer-oriented and personalized. Experion helps customers unlock value with focused and participative software development methodologies that incorporate emerging technologies. Our domain focus is an added advantage for us when it comes to supporting our customers through the software lifecycle.


• Corrective Maintenance
• Application Modernization
• Application Enhancement
• Migration Services


Independent Verification & Validation

We give great importance to software quality. We believe in the customer’s right to superior software and strive to keep consistency in quality levels. This is what makes our IV&V practice different. We believe that all businesses are in a way, technology businesses, and that software is an integral part of the customer experience. Not all organizations would be equipped to focus on software quality and would require an outside expert help to carry out verification and validation of software. Experion has significant experience working with customers to make their software error-free, eliminating the need for costs to fix issues after release. Experts from our end work with customers to create most reliable and efficient systems that exceed expectations on performance.

  • Functional Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Consulting Services

Application Modernization

Legacy applications can be a big burden on the IT budget of enterprises. High costs of legacy maintenance, low flexibility for change as per changing business needs, unfriendly user experience are some of the reasons for enterprises to think of upgrading and modernizing their in house applications.

Experion has the necessary experience turning around mature software systems through re-platforming and re-engineering. Our confidence stems from the fact that we have been developing and maintaining enterprise applications for our global customers from varied streams. Our team of innovators, consultants, architects, and designers provide advice to help you manage & transform your business solutions.

  • Portfolio assessment & planning
  • Application Re-architecture
  • Application Re-engineering
  • Application Migration & Re-hosting
  • Data Migration
  • Application Integration

Technology Consulting

Digital Technologies have made it all the more important for businesses to rely on an IT partner who can help with technology requirements across the entire IT spectrum. Utilize Experion’s deep-seated industry expertise to drive up performance levels and growth for your enterprise. Leave the pain of selecting the most suitable technology to skilled consultants. Our technology consulting services helps you gain market share, enhance customer experience and improve bottom-line using right technology solutions.

  • Tech Assessment
  • DevOps
  • Solution Alternatives
  • Migration Feasibility
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Organizational Readiness Consulting

Business Intelligence & Analytics

It is important that businesses rely on data to identify where they need to focus on and how they can solve problems. You need an expert to help you unlock business value from huge volumes of operational data. Experion has a well-entrenched Business Intelligence and Analytics practice that will work in alignment with your goals and help you make insightful business decisions that can be actioned on with confidence. We have worked with some of the world’s leading retail players, stores, healthcare institutions, financial services teams and transportation specialists to derive greater insights into their customer data.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Information Management


Software delivery is no longer done the traditional way. Application development has transformed from being isolated events that attain completion and lead to maintenance efforts to those that are continuous. DevOps brings together operational and development activities to make the process more efficient and simple. The outcomes are more agility and quality, that helps in faster turnaround times and swifter meeting of customer expectations.

  • Performance
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Consulting


“Overall, the (Experion) team has been very good at being diligent in their deliverables. Experion Technologies aided us in that (documentation and delivery) process as well, pointing us in the direction of what would help them the most. Since this isn’t our area expertise, having them guide us has been great.”

President & COO, Insurance Adjusting Firm

“Our business is growing, and Experion’s platform is at the heart of it.”

CEO, B2B Research Organization

“We’re extremely happy with the work that Experion has done for us on both the development and testing sides.”

CEO, Software Company

“Experion is one of the best software partners we’ve had. Experion’s commitment to success was evident in the final product. Following the software’s deployment, overall sales have increased by 40% and overhead costs have been significantly reduced.”

Director of IT, Food Products Manufacturer

“Experion had a good combination of price, communication, and the ability to find solutions to our issues.”

Co-founder, German Startup

Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution. The most impressive thing about them is their willingness to take on any challenge. They projected this perspective at all levels of their organization.

IT Manager of Global Retail ISV

Team Manager

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