Digital Transformation Services for Business Growth

Digital Transformation is the new buzzword, and used so much already that it almost sounds cliched. The fact, however, remains that digitization has provided businesses with the much-needed proximity to their customers. Digitization guarantees various benefits to organizations in various measures. Some of such benefits can be competitiveness, customer experience, business simplification, speed of operations, efficiency and growth. The efforts, however, can be a little daunting, especially if preparations are less than perfect. This is why it is important to have someone who is an expert in utilizing digital for transforming the status quo.



Internet of Things

Internet of Things or IoT is by now a well known tech buzzword, but a few have captured the essence of IoT into their services. This rapidly expanding technology now links millions of devices to the Internet, capturing the tiniest bit of sensitive information for storage and future use. Similar to many of its peer technologies, IoT promises to open a host of new possibilities for enterprises and to the common people alike. Data that is collated from many devices can help derive insights into such things as maintenance of machines and parts of machines, shelf-life of materials, and temperature control among others.Experion understands the importance of IoT and has successfully tried to incorporate it into its offerings as part of the Digital Transformation efforts.

Services from Experion

  • Asset Monitoring
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Predictive Healthcare

Smart Mobility

Mobile solutions of today promise much more than the mobile applications of a recent past. These smart solutions can now help retailers drive more sales, allow healthcare institutions to enhance patient experience, help logistics owners keep track of their supply chain and provide predictive maintenance to machines. Smart Mobility is the method of using transformative mobile solutions to increase business growth and customer experience. Customer goals are met ahead of expectations, leading to loyalty and profitability. Experion has a large portfolio of Smart Mobility services that prove the transformative power of technology.

Services from Experion

  • Mobile app development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Support Services
  • Consulting

Consulting Services

Disruptive technologies have literally shocked companies into a new way of doing business, one that would help their customers reach their goals faster. These companies are slowly finding out that they can grow revenues and overcome competition by listening well to their audience. The advent of mobile technology aided by Cloud and Analytics promises to provide insights into customer behaviour, opening the pathway for more innovation. No more will the traditional method of doing business suffice.

Digital Transformation requires expert guidance that can help businesses reach the right goals through the most optimum path. Experion has been right on track in helping Enterprises and early stage companies successfully chart the road of Digital through its team of experienced professionals well-versed in newer and better ways of software development.

Services from Experion

  • Digital Transformation
  • Quick Deployment
  • UI/UX Engineering
  • Big Data Analytics


Built on the foundations of distributed, decentralized networks, Blockchain technology has shown immense potential to disrupt traditional businesses. One of the biggest advantages of Blockchain solutions is data security. A Blockchain structure ensures that the data stored in the distributed ledgers is not manipulated. In the case of verticals with processes involving exchange of sensitive information between internal and external stakeholders, and where trust and data security is of paramount importance, Blockchain-based solutions assume wider significance.

Experion has worked with enterprises, product companies and startups in crafting strategies that help them adopt Blockchain technology and get them started with building solutions on Blockchain infrastructure. Our pool of experts support you right from product conceptualization to development & deployment.


  • Blockchain Proof-of-Concepts
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Private Blockchain Solutions
  • ICO Platform Development
  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Consulting Services


Robotic Process Automation (RPA), sometimes called smart automation or intelligent automation, refers to advanced technologies that can be programmed to perform a series of tasks previously requiring manual intervention. Business processes that are repetitive and standardized, but involve high-volume manual labour, are ideal candidates for RPA. When combined with machine learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA can be used to deal with varied and challenging business scenarios. With RPA, RoI is quick, quality is unmatched and there is time saving in addition. Processes with a lot of rules-based processing such as data entry are areas where RPA can be useful.

Some of the key advantages of adopting RPA are that 1) major capital investments for IT infrastructure are minimal 2) implementation is fast and change management is smooth. The future of process-intensive businesses lies in the adoption of Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence for improved operational efficiency and customer experience. Our RPA practitioners can help identify a realistic scope for automation and transition using the right tool best-suited for the selected processes.


  • Process Selection
  • RPA Tool Evaluation
  • RPA Implementation
  • Monitoring & Maintenance


“Overall, the (Experion) team has been very good at being diligent in their deliverables. Experion Technologies aided us in that (documentation and delivery) process as well, pointing us in the direction of what would help them the most. Since this isn’t our area expertise, having them guide us has been great.”

President & COO, Insurance Adjusting Firm

“Our business is growing, and Experion’s platform is at the heart of it.”

CEO, B2B Research Organization

“We’re extremely happy with the work that Experion has done for us on both the development and testing sides.”

CEO, Software Company

“Experion is one of the best software partners we’ve had. Experion’s commitment to success was evident in the final product. Following the software’s deployment, overall sales have increased by 40% and overhead costs have been significantly reduced.”

Director of IT, Food Products Manufacturer

“Experion had a good combination of price, communication, and the ability to find solutions to our issues.”

Co-founder, German Startup

Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution. The most impressive thing about them is their willingness to take on any challenge. They projected this perspective at all levels of their organization.

IT Manager of Global Retail ISV

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