Transforming data into meaningful insights

Experion’s dedicated team of experts with strong business acumen, superior delivery practices, and technology expertise can help enterprises devise solutions that enable them to make informed and insightful business decisions. Our cross-practice teams and collaborative working approach enable us to provide powerful insights allowing enterprises to be self-sufficient in the digital age.   

Organizations often store information in silos that don’t communicate to each other. Data generated by the CRM, the ERP, and the invoicing software often don’t communicate with each other. It would be incredibly valuable for an organization if all the data generated by all the different software are combined to a common platform and analyzed.  

Organizations often have a lack of clarity when it comes to data management and analysis. Even organizations that already have BI and Analytics in place often don’t have a comprehensive data strategy plan to capture and manage their data efficiently. To remain competitive in this era of digital disruptions, enterprises need to transform their business models using data as a pivot. 


Our Data & Analytics Tech Stack

Offerings from Experion


Data Strategy

At Experion, we focus on transforming businesses to be more data-centric and to deliver improved value by utilizing data. A comprehensive data strategy engagement with Experion would help enterprises be cognizant of the data they generate and of the potential it has to create better business outcomes 

Our technology and domain experts work with key business users to understand an organization’s vision. Working together with the business teams, we help them define a customized data strategy roadmap. This includes laying out a step-by-step process after analyzing all data sources, transformation, storage, and access – this way, we help enterprises achieve their goals by being data-driven.       

The strategy roadmap encompasses activities that include identifying tools and defining processes for better data management, cloud-based data transformation, storage, visual, and advanced analytics data solutions. 


Data Management

We focus on delivering customized and scalable services aligned with our clients’ business goals enabling businesses to achieve improved efficiency and accelerated growth.

Experion helps enterprises and organizations achieve data excellence not just by setting up the right infrastructure for the storage of data, but also putting in place the right people and processes that enable effective data governance.  

Experion also helps organizations evaluate various data management concepts, technologies, and processes. We help organizations choose the best technology for their use case be it on-premises, in the cloud, or multi-cloud solutions.

Our highly skilled and talented data management teams provide cost-effective best-in-class data management services with stringent adherence to data security norms and practices.


Cloud First

Experion enables enterprises to address their data needs by serving unprecedented access to affordable and dependable cloud-data platforms. 

We empower enterprises across industry domains to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. Our expertise varies on a range of cloud-data platforms; without limits on scale, performance, or flexibility, enterprises are enabled to make better and quicker business decisions. We have a practice that focuses on Technology, DevOps, and are always thinking of the ongoing maintenance and effectiveness of the solution before we have even finished the development of the product. 

With the right technology mix coupled with domain expertise, our team leverages hybrid architectures and offers critical enterprise-grade security and governance features. With faster time-to-market, high scalability, flexibility, agility, and pluggable architecture, we allow enterprises and new market-entrants to drive a transformative shift or make their impact in digital business.


Visual Analytics

Flexible, animated, and immersive visual analytics is a capability that allows organizational leaders to think creatively. It makes it possible to detect trends, patterns, and outliers and deciphers substantial insights to enable better decision making. 

Equipped with the latest tools and algorithms, Experion allows enterprises to unlock and capitalize on the vast potential of data by providing customized visual analytics solutions. Experion has strong skills and partnerships with industry-leading Analytics tool vendors that provide meaningful analysis to discover hidden opportunities, achieve constructive evaluation, and enhance business processes. 

Experion’s visualization experts understand and differentiate between various tools available in the market enabling them to pick the best tool suited for the client’s needs. With extensive product-building experience, Experion can also develop and integrate an open-source custom solution for specific business without using 3rd party visualization tools. 


Artificial Intelligence

Experion’s Data scientists assemble the right set of tools and processes together to help enterprises model their data with cutting edge algorithms that suit their particular business scenarios. Using Experion’s expertise, enterprises can find interesting patterns and make data-backed decisions for their business. We help enterprises harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to draw diagnostic, prescriptive, and predictive intelligence from their data.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Experion crafts result-oriented AI/ML solutions that help enterprises to streamline and optimize business operations. Businesses can remove iterative processes and transform their processes by incorporating AI and ML insights into the data governance process. Experion’s AI/ML experts empower you to glean intelligence from a large set of data to simplify, analyze, and automate your business processes.


Embedded Solutions

With our various practices and experts specializing in areas around Product Development, User Experience, and Data & Analytics, Experion builds robust, innovative, and reliable embedded solutions that align with organizational goals with less time-to-market.  

Our team of experts builds and deploys powerful data-driven analytics solutions to meet business requirements faster and deliver an unparalleled user experience. With a significant focus on customization and integration, we deliver a seamless user experience within the existing product or solution, focusing on enhancing the value of the application while minimizing the cost of development. 

Combined with expertise in analytics, agility, and a drive to innovate, we enable enterprises to explore more revenue opportunities, ensure enhanced ROI, and increased customer engagement.


“Overall, the (Experion) team has been very good at being diligent in their deliverables. Experion Technologies aided us in that (documentation and delivery) process as well, pointing us in the direction of what would help them the most. Since this isn’t our area expertise, having them guide us has been great.”

President & COO, Insurance Adjusting Firm

“Our business is growing, and Experion’s platform is at the heart of it.”

CEO, B2B Research Organization

“We’re extremely happy with the work that Experion has done for us on both the development and testing sides.”

CEO, Software Company

“Experion is one of the best software partners we’ve had. Experion’s commitment to success was evident in the final product. Following the software’s deployment, overall sales have increased by 40% and overhead costs have been significantly reduced.”

Director of IT, Food Products Manufacturer

“Experion had a good combination of price, communication, and the ability to find solutions to our issues.”

Co-founder, German Startup

Experion always helps us reach the most suitable solution. The most impressive thing about them is their willingness to take on any challenge. They projected this perspective at all levels of their organization.

IT Manager of Global Retail ISV

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