If you are a recent graduate or someone who’s’ in the phase of looking for employment, it probably seems like it is going to take a while for things to fall into place. Companies everywhere seem to have hit pause on hires, with many organizations forced to let their employees go – a dwindling inflow of cash and a spike in the number of unemployed people contribute further to this bleak scenario.

But at Experion, the sun still shines a little brighter! 


Keeping Our Word

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has heaped upon us, we believe in sticking to our promises, be it to our employees or our clients. One of the ways in which we proceeded to do that was by ensuring that those who were promised positions in the company were able to join us exactly when they expected they would before the pandemic. 

The new recruits were onboarded – albeit virtually, and the experience turned out to be rewarding for all those involved. The virtual onboarding experience was carefully planned and executed by the HR team, who worked tirelessly to ensure it went smoothly. The recruits were onboarded with all the usual processes in place – in fact, thanks to the extra effort put in by everyone at the company, this set of joiners felt even more welcomed than usual, and that’s really saying something! 

The team first tracked all the joiners by giving them a call two days before the onboarding. They then scheduled the video conferencing sessions and had the first call to have a casual chat with them and exchange the relevant documents. Since this experience was a new one for both parties, they had a conversation about what would be done differently this time and held an ice-breaking session where they invited the participants to share interesting experiences they’ve been through.

The joiners were then taken through the regular induction programmes – presentations were shared detailing the history of the company, the values we represent and other handy information as well. They were also given a chance to meet the Operations Management Team, where they met individuals from top management and were able to ask questions and interact freely with them.

Welcome To The Family

As a special treat, they also had a 1-hour interaction session with our Executive Management Team – our CXO’s and directors took time out of their busy schedules to warmly welcome our new recruits and they had the privilege of being able to have a one-on-one conversation with the entire team. This concreted their feeling of being a part of the Experion family, and they received insights that most others wouldn’t have, in the pre-COVID-19 times.

To wrap things up, they were introduced to their buddies, who in turn introduced them to their team and their respective project heads. The buddies assured them that they were always available for any questions they may have, and were instrumental in helping them find their feet as they navigated the task of beginning work from a remote location. This cooperation and camaraderie resonate loudly with our core value of professional competence and respect for individuals.