Enhancing Sales Productivity with FieldMax®

Keeping track of field activities is often a huge challenge in sales & distribution operations. While the field staff focuses on actual selling, accuracy and speed with which the data is processed can make all the difference! FieldMax® is an Enterprise level Sales Force Automation solution that automates key operational functions such as sales, marketing and distribution of a CPG/FMCG business. Powered by innovative and robust technology, FieldMax® is a modular solution highly configurable to suit the business and operational needs of any sales & distribution organization.

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The FieldMax®Suite

  • FieldMax®CPG
  • FieldMax®Van Sales
  • FieldMax®Retail
  • FieldMax®Audit

Transform CPG Sales with FieldMax® CPG.

FieldMax® CPG Pre-Order suite uses digital prowess to meet the business requirements of a modern-day sales and distribution organization. Tailor-made for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry, FieldMax® connects the field sales team with the distribution and supply chain, linking field sales to H.Q in real-time.

  • Route planning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Real-time sales data
  • Digital images/video tutorials
  • Gamification for user adoption
  • Dashboard for user level performance comparison

Automate Direct Delivery using FieldMax® Van Sales

FieldMax® Van sales empowers you to meet field sales and invoice generation requirements. The team uses the solution to generate invoices in real-time, printed using a Bluetooth printer connected to the mobile device.

  • Raise delivery efficiency
  • Quicken invoicing and cash receipts
  • Strengthen sales demand forecasting
  • Optimize route planning
  • Access real-time data for market insights
  • Replenish stock on time
  • Streamline distribution
  • Simplify order management & tracking

Perfect Retail Execution with FieldMax®

FieldMax® Retail caters to the business requirements of the modern-day retail sales organization. The application helps users place orders through secure gateway execute safe banking transactions.

  • Limited inventory holding costs
  • Instant payments
  • 24/7 sales with no physical presence of team needed
  • Low overheads
  • Complete integration into ERP/CRM/Web Portal

Streamline Inventory Audit with FieldMax®Audit


Inventory audit is extremely critical for any sales organization, particularly with a large sales network. FieldMax® Audit empowers the user to receive updated information on stock position through their mobile device.

  • Reduced paper usage for data storage
  • Single-click product transaction history
  • Digital check with bar code/QR scan & image capture





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Team Manager

Key Features

  • User Authentication
  • Route Planning & Management
  • Order Management
  • Customer Classification on Business Potential
  • GPS Service and Sales Tracking
  • Real-time BI on Mobile Devices
  • Sales & Market Performance Dashboard
  • Optimized Sales Route Planning
  • Powerful Analytics with latest Cloud Technology
  • Master Data Configuration on set Parameters

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