The Client

One of the most experienced software development companies in Australia, specialized in providing Transport Management software for freight businesses.

About the Project

Currently developing the Android version of the client’s mobile solution which enables drivers of Freight and Logistics companies to pick up and deliver items to multiple locations. The app will be an affordable solution for freight operators that want drivers to use live bookings data for delivering consignments and log real-time staff duty hours.

Key Features/ Benefits

  • Real-time login for driver shift start and end
  • Undertake mandatory vehicle safety checklist prior to start of the shift to ensure ‘fit for duty’
  • Allows drivers to interact with live bookings information for tasks
  • Sign-on-glass for proof-of-delivery with email confirmation to customers
  • Increased operational efficiency and availability of real time data for all stakeholders
  • Improved customer satisfaction through visibility on consignment status