Location: Kochi/Trivandrum/Bangalore
Experience: 3+ years

Job Purpose

Be an automation tester to implement test automation using UFT

Job Description

▪ Perform automation testing using UFT and VB Script for web application and API endpoints.
▪ Run customer meetings to understand the application functionality as well as to demo the test
automation scripts
▪ Implement industry standard software testing process & best practices like coding standards in test
▪ Setup automation framework to improve the reliability and maintainability of test scripts.
▪ Create automated test scripts for validating data using SQL queries from UFT.
▪ Integrate UFT with leading test management tools in the industry like Microfocus ALM, Xray etc.
▪ Setup CI/CD pipeline for automated test execution.

Duties and responsibilities

▪ Work closely with the customer and the project team to understand the application functionality.
▪ Create test automation scripts in UFT for Web applications and API endpoints.
▪ Demo test automation scripts to the customer stakeholders.
▪ Perform test execution based on the customer request and report issues encountered.
▪ Work along with the team members to share best practices, perform script reviews and improve overall
quality of deliverable.
▪ To adhere to ISMS policies and procedures