Location: Kochi/Trivandrum/Bangalore
Experience: 7+ years

Job Purpose

Be a lead engineer in Web development using ReactJS and using Firebase as the backend.

Job Description

▪ Thorough understanding of ReactJS and its core principles such as Virtual DOM, JSX, Components, etc.
▪ Experience with popular ReactJS workflows (such as Flux or Redux)
▪ Understanding of React Hooks, High-Order Components, Pure Components, Functional and Class
▪ Excellent development experience using web and JavaScript technologies expertise including
HTML/XHTML, XML, JSON, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, DOM, and version control systems (such as GIT)
▪ Understanding of ES6 and TypeScript concepts.
▪ Experience in configuring Firebase projects to use features like authentication, Firestore, Crashlytics,
Cloud messaging/functions etc.
▪ Experience in integrating Restful APIs with ReactJS applications.
▪ Understanding of unit testing tools like Jest
▪ Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as OAuth using JSON Web Token
▪ Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools
▪ Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.
▪ Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code.
▪ Optimizing components for maximum performance across a vast array of web-capable devices and
▪ Strong knowledge in object-oriented concepts & design patterns
▪ Demonstrated willingness to develop with new/unfamiliar technologies.
▪ Well versed with troubleshooting issues and debugging the JavaScript code using IDEs and browser
developer tools.
▪ Understands impacts of performance-based designs, accessibility standards and security compliance in
▪ Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas

Duties and responsibilities

▪ Take lead engineer role in managing tasks in a sprint, reviewing the code of team members and
ensuring first time quality of code
▪ Write “clean”, well-designed code
▪ Capability to understand user stories, translate that into technical specifications and convert this into
working code.
▪ Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements
▪ Follow modern agile based development process including TDD based unit testing
▪ Produce detailed specifications
▪ Troubleshoot, test and maintain the core product software and databases to ensure strong
optimization and functionality
▪ Contribute in all phases of the development lifecycle
▪ Follow technology best practices
▪ Develop and deploy new features to facilitate related procedures and tools if necessary

Any Additional Information/Specifics

– Participate in the full product development cycle, including brainstorming, release planning and estimation,
implementing and iterating on code, coordinating with internal and external clients, internal code and design
reviews, MVP and production releases, quality assurance, and product support.
– Highly effective and thrive in a dynamic environment
– Comfortable with proactive outward communication and technical leadership and positive about accepting
– To adhere to ISMS policies and procedures