Xpressionz Compassion is the Social Responsibility wing at Experion Technologies. Every year, the company takes responsibility for several initiatives to give back to society in a meaningful way.

This year, to bridge the digital divide in education, one of the initiatives was named “Pallikoodam” – the Malayalam word for school. The team identified several families with school-going children who could not afford the gadgets they needed to keep the children in school – with learning shifting to the online mode, this becomes an increasingly huge challenge to tackle for families from lower-income households.

The CSR team initiated a campaign within the organization, and Experionites were requested to donate generously towards the worthy cause.

Through the contributions of the large-hearted Experionites, over 4.5 lakhs were collected, and the contributions provided 65 students in Trivandrum district with the gadgets they needed for uninterrupted education.