The client is a mine optimization consulting service specializing in mine planning and mineral project reviews, with a focus on mine optimization, strategic analysis and the evaluation of risk. They provide a full range of mineral project optimization services to their clients – major mining companies in Australia, Africa, PNG, South East Asia and the Americas. 

The client had developed a commercial mine optimization platform that they used to rapidly implement and solve complex business and mine planning problems, providing greater project value at a lower cost.  

While the platform has been serving the client well for the past decade they’ve been operational, they found that an upgrade was a need of the hour, and approached Experion to help them. 

Experion will undertake the task of documenting all the technical and functional aspects of the software and recommend a high-level approach for the reengineering roadmap, with a web-based modern technology stack. 

Experion’s Product Engineering Services has been responsible for the creation of over 80 products that were either engineered from scratch or reengineered for clients across the world. Our consultative approach helps our clients pick the right delivery methodology, tech stack, business model, ongoing product roadmaps and devise the perfect compliance, standards, security and interoperability strategies.  

To ensure long term success of the product and to maximize business value, Experion utilizes its time-tested frameworks xPlore & xEcute, to conceptualize and develop software products. These two frameworks are designed to co-create the product with the customer, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) blueprint initially, followed by a value-centric, collaborative, and Agile development approach targeting continual product improvement.