It is an interesting difference when you are approached to build software for an innovative business. We are excited to have done just that. A recent customer from North America is a large hydroponic greenhouse farm specializing in the farming of an exotic vegetable variety. Plants are grown till they are ready to be picked. Production lasts on average between 8-9 months. During that time, the vegetables are consistently being produced. When ripe, they are picked and sorted by machine and hand, and then packaged in different boxes and containers. Once packaged, the produce may be held in a refrigerated area or shipped immediately.

The client needed a custom software solution that tracked the packing of produce as well as the shipments. Till recently, packing and shipments were carried out manually at the customer location. Reporting had been manual too, with a great dependence on Excel. As per customer requirements, the software solution will be barcode-based, and utilized to track the produce throughout the sorting, packing, storing & shipping processes. A mobile-based component will manage field data activities

Experion will also work with the customer to develop a solution that will help them with payment management. Payment management will make it easier for them to isolate dues as well as tracking of invoices. Experion will complete the development in 3 months. The resulting software will help the customer achieve streamlining and efficiency in operations. With the implementation, the customer will have a good view of the logistics supply chain involving shipments and returns. These days, supply chain automation helps to detect gaps in the process, thus saving costs for the business. We hope to help the customer grow their returns as well as loyalty of their clients with the above implementation.