Maestro: a title for an accomplished professional; a skilled creative genius

The year was 2006. An EU-based offshoring company sought an acquirer to strengthen its business potential.  Enter a group of friends, all eager to venture into entrepreneurship, brought together by a common vision to harness the growing powers of emerging technology and by their shared interests in arts and culture. And thus, Experion Technologies was born – a global product engineering and digital transformation company founded by experts in their fields, a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals determined to harness the collective wealth of human talent and knowledge to make technological innovation accessible to a global clientele from the shores of Kerala, India.

While it might have been a love for arts, culture, and sports that bonded the Founders together, a shared set of values – a strong need for customer excellence, an unwavering set of business ethics and the power of empathy –– kept them together through the years and helped them attract similar-minded individuals to join the caravan.

Laser-focused on delivering only exceptional customer experiences and the most comprehensive business benefits to the clients, the founders successfully fused their passion for everything artistic and beautiful in the world with their business philosophy. Binu Jacob, MD & CEO, a talented singer and charismatic orator, brought his focus and unwavering boldness to the table. Manoj Balraj, Co-founder & Executive Vice President, Sales, an actor and award-winning director, scripted Experion’s success on a global stage by telling the organization’s story compellingly every chance he got. Sreekumar Pillai, CTO, with his refined taste in classical music, brought a fine-tuned and measured approach to technology innovations at Experion. Suresh VP, COO, a music enthusiast, set the rhythm for the working of the organisation. Jaimy Thomas, Director & Service Delivery Head and avid marathon runner, with his quiet determination and perseverance set the foundation for a culture of excellence.

Maestros in their field – both personally and professionally. 

Companies around the world – from start-ups to the Fortune 100 companies – looking to bring disruptive innovations into the world through technology, found a perfect duet-partner in Experion. Over the years, the company has orchestrated the success of 500+ customers in 36+ countries, ensuring a new crescendo of positive testimonials with every completed project.

This culture of excellence extended into the management team they initially chose at Experion – every individual hired was picked for a similar energy; talented people – in ways more than one, and experts in their chosen career too. Expanding into a company with various departments – Delivery, Marketing, Sales, Pre-sales, System Facility Management, Audits & Compliance, Finance, Admin and HR, Experion is now run by an ensemble of talented individuals – a family of Maestros, all united in their pursuit of a higher aspiration and their passion for product engineering and digital excellence.

Experion today is nearly two decades old, but the spirit of the Maestros at work continue to propel it further – the organization is mature yet agile, dynamic and never boring, contemporary yet futuristic, fast but never furious, flies high, yet leaves no one behind. It combines the powers of technology, creativity, and discipline to form a unique ethos. Our technology experts also double up as a vibrant group of singers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, painters, writers, photographers, and sportsmen – all Maestros at their work and beyond.

Talent and passion meet mastery and productivity here; people care deeply about the lives they impact with the work they do; everyone is keenly aware that their success is to be shared, not just with clients, but with the society at large – the core values of Excellence, Empathy, and Ethics remain the shared blood flowing through the organization’s veins.

Established experts in product engineering and digital transformation, lauded and awarded multiple times by internationally acclaimed institutions and analysts – Frost & Sullivan’s Global Customer Value Leadership Award, A “Major Contender” in Everest Group’s Digital Product Engineering Services Peak Matrix, listed 5 consecutive times on Inc. 5000, counted as a Market Leader among Custom Software & Web Development companies globally by Clutch – Experion is now one of the fastest-growing global product engineering companies.

Today, the organization is well-known for driving new revenue streams, digitizing business processes, and helping improve operational efficiency and productivity in the Healthcare, Retail, Transport and Logistics, BFSI, Construction and Engineering, and EdTech sectors, catering to several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Experion is also ISO 27001:2013 and QMS (9001: 2015) certified and is committed to international data protection standards, compliant with SOC 2 Type II.

The organization has grown to a team of 1500+ Maestros and the family is expected to grow to a size of 3000+ by 2025. Headquartered in Kerala – God’s Own Country – Experion mines into the vast untapped potential of its home ground and unearths a treasure trove of engineering talent every year. People who live and breathe the rich heritage of the land – famous world over for its art, culture, ayurveda, and resplendent greenery – every new Experionite is chosen on the basis of their prodigious talent. They join not a company, but an ‘Academy’, which hones their skills, nurtures their talent, and grows each of them from a Prodigy to a Maestro in their field of work. It’s a no wonder then, that the company has been certified as a Great Place to Work for two consecutive years, a testament to the innovative work culture intentionally crafted here.

Who we are as an organization and what we aim to be is well captured in the word ‘Maestro’. So welcome to our age-old story – the same one we’ve been telling for nearly two decades now. But enjoy it with its new nuances and flavours as we prepare to add more beauty and efficiency to the world, with a renewed self-awareness of who we are – Maestros, of Product Engineering.