Our client is a leading travel company in the US with over four-plus decades of expertise in creating exceptional trips for customers across the globe. Differentiating itself from a traditional travel company, our client designs adventurous and unforgettable trips for people desiring a deeper and richer travel experience.  

They have partnered with Experion for its niche expertise in digital product engineering to support them in their platform enhancement process. They are on a strategic roadmap of modernizing their entire IT ecosystem, starting with improving the customer experience in managing their accounts and reducing the overall booking time of trips.  

Experts from Experion worked closely with the client and jointly discussed the current challenges they are facing to deliver a holistic customer experience. After the successful completion of the discovery phase, Experion is progressing with the development phase of the project.  

Currently, Experion is working to enhance the client’s existing application with a major focus on elevating the customer experience. The enhanced travel platform will enable reduced booking time, improved accessibility to customers, and enhanced performance and functionality, hence resulting in higher customer satisfaction.