We are proud to announce the launch of our new company logo as part of our accelerated growth journey as a digital product engineering partner to our global clientele. This is very much in line with our vision and values representing Experion as stronger and bolder than ever before.

Over the years, our business has expanded and evolved, and along with it our vision and identity as a global brand of significance. So, we felt it was the right time for a refresh!

During the last 15 years, Experion has relied on its product engineering DNA to build path-breaking solutions and business results. Top enterprises around the world have recognized Experion for its expertise in digital product engineering and a clear focus on delivering business value. So, our resolve to grow faster, embracing higher challenges and ensuring valuable outcomes for our customers has only intensified.

To better reflect our evolution and the future journey of Experion, we have redefined our brand’s visual language to align with the industry’s latest trends and reflect our values and plans. Experion’s new logo is active, engaging and energetic representing the company’s both technological and cultural aspects. It is both minimalist and elegant, as well as strong and powerful.

The new look and feel of Experion logo comes with the commitment of better communicating the brand’s values and expertise. We believe this change would foster optimistic engagement in our business relationships with our customers.

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For more information, please reach out to sneha.chavara@experionglobal.com