Experion has been chosen to develop a digital image assets management solution for a UK-based global brand dealing in sporting goods. The client is a world-renowned manufacturer of respected brands spanning a number of sporting activities. Currently, considerable manual effort is involved in storing and disseminating digital image assets related to a wide variety of products manufactured by the client. The client engages a team of process associates to manage the product images which are distributed through multiple online sales partners.

The project involves the development of a business process automation solution for managing digital image assets for the client. The application will handle the naming and classification of product images based on end customer-specific requirements and saves these in a pre-defined file system. This is business critical, because the requirement for product images from retail partners increases with the onset of the sales season.

One of the key benefits of the solution is that it will ensure the availability of images for online sales partners, which in turn maximizes sales during peak seasons. The solution will also help the client to bring down operational costs by way of cutting down on manual effort and avoid errors by automating the entire process.