Global leader in the beverages industry pilots FieldMax

Experion’s enterprise mobility solution FieldMax has successfully completed 1 month of piloting with a global leader in the beverages industry. With an objective to streamline primary sales of the client, the piloting was started with a few selected distributors in the initial days. The distributors were provided access to the FieldMax mobile client, using which orders were placed directly using their mobile devices. With up-to-date information available at the centralized distribution centre (using the web based FieldMax Office module), the client was able to process the orders faster, react better to market/ distributor requirements and have complete visibility to the orders at hand. Over the course of the month, this was extended to around 250 distributor users covering several Indian states. Currently more than 50% of the users have completely switched from prevailing manual, paper based order placement practice to order entry using FieldMax. The piloting is expected to be completed in this quarter, with a complete roll out of the solution being planned for all distributors of the client during early next quarter, before the peak summer season begins.