A global leader in batteries and smart power systems has selected Experion’s flagship mobility solution FieldMax® for automating its sales and merchandising processes. Headquartered in the US, with operations across the world, the company has a rich legacy of almost 100 years in the segment and earns revenues of over US$ 2 billion in global sales. The client has charted out aggressive plans for this financial year to increase its market share and strengthen its position as the leader in battery segment in the India region. Aligning with this objective, the client chose FieldMax® as the go-to solution to automate its sales processes, a key initiative in its overall sales strategy.

The client’s sales team will use FieldMax® mobility solution to power up its field sales activities for pan India operations. FieldMax® will help the client’s sales & marketing team in multiple ways for managing customer interactions. The client’s team can now get access to real-time sales and customer data at the click of a button which earlier took 15 to 20 days of lead time. The solution will also equip the field team to get better insights into historical data of customer activities, and at the same time provide the backend operations team with new channels to restructure traditional means of supply chain & delivery planning. With FieldMax®, the process of new store identification and turnaround time to convert to a customer will be significantly reduced, helping the client improve its market share.

The geo-location services of FieldMax® will ensure that the store is authenticated with pin point accuracy and provides complete visibility to the backend team with its advanced business intelligence features. With the pilot launch of FieldMax® solution completed successfully earlier this year, the client has kick-started the process to roll out the solution across the country to reach close to a million stores in the shortest possible time.

Merchandising version of the FieldMax® application was also deployed for the client’s merchandising team to gather intelligence about planogram compliance and visibility assurance across various retail outlets. The application will be used by visual merchandisers to efficiently check for compliance with planogram norms stipulated by the client’s marketing team. The merchandising solution provides real-time visibility and planogram compliance metrics to the marketing team, which helps optimize the merchandising spend and in-store visibility.