A Mumbai-based automotive lubricants leader chose FieldMax as the preferred solution for its sales automation requirements. The client is a major in both automotive and industrial lubricants and has widespread reach across the Indian Market.

With FieldMax implementation, the client envisions to digitally transform the existing business practice followed by its field sales team for daily sales executions. FieldMax mobile application shall help the sales team capture field data in real time, also providing such critical inputs needed for successful field sales execution. The team will also have the provision to evaluate KPIs through handheld devices, thereby ensuring transparency and clarity for better sales closure. FieldMax’ s office application will provide the much-needed backend operational view for the senior level team, which is real-time status of market events. This would help the operational team to take critical business decisions at the right time.

FieldMax mobile application will be used by the extensive distribution network of the client to scan promotional coupons and QR codes. This will thus reduce the overall time delay in sales operations and boost easier information exchange. The client is an existing SAP ERP user. Data captured through FieldMax application shall be shared with SAP for faster data exchange and minimal manual interference.