FieldMax to automate sales order management for a diversified business group based in Nigeria

Experion has secured yet another deal to implement its enterprise mobility solution for field sales order management – FieldMax. This will be the second win this month for Experion from the African region. Headquartered in Nigeria, the client is a 40 year old, diversified business conglomerate with revenues in excess of 200$ million and employing over three thousand people. The client is involved in manufacturing and distribution of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, agro products and plastic components.Over the past few years, the client has gained leadership position in the beverages products division by introducing innovation, automation and training in its business processes. To sustain the phenomenal growth it has achieved in recent times, the client was looking to implement a sales order management solution to support its sales and distribution process. FieldMax has been chosen by the client to harness several business benefits offered by the solution. To keep up with the sales growth, implementation of FieldMax will replace the existing manual processes followed by the field staff and completely streamline the distribution processes. With FieldMax, the sales staff will take orders on the Android powered phones/ tablets instead of the current paper based process. As the order information is transmitted in real time to the backend web application, the operations team gets up-to-the-minute sales demand from the field, enabling optimal distribution planning. As the information flows smoothly through the system without any unnecessary delay, the overall sales and distribution efficiency is enhanced and the delivery time to retail partners are reduced. With the in-depth analytics capabilities offered by the solution, the management team can easily access web based dashboards and KPIs to review the sales performance – by sales person, time period, retailer, region or brand. This will also help the management with quick and intelligent decision making.