FieldMax adds one of the oldest and most reputed names in Educational products to its clientele

One of the oldest and most reputed names in educational products in India has chosen FieldMax to improve its sales and distribution operations. Operational for over half a century, the client specializes in manufacturing and marketing of educational tools, stationery products and children’s products.

Having recently embarked on a product modernization brand make over program, the client identified optimization of sales and distribution operations as a key focus area to boost its sales revenue. The client’s sales team typically visits retail outlets on a weekly basis, based on a predetermined route plan. Orders are collected using pen and paper and a consolidated set of order forms are later couriered to the head office for processing. With the existing process, the sales management team of the client was facing challenges on multiple counts:

  • Optimizing route plans to get better sales coverage in target areas and to accommodate new customers
  • Getting better visibility into products/ regions/ retail outlets bringing in higher revenues
  • On time roll out of sales schemes/ festival offers and effective communication to field sales team
  • Monitoring and analysis of unsold inventory in retail outlets
  • Inordinate delays in order processing and delivery against customer orders

To overcome these challenges, the client was evaluating a mobile based solution for field sales and distribution management. FieldMax was chosen by the client for the comprehensive set of features offered by the solution for sales force automation and distribution management.
With the implementation of FieldMax, the client’s sales management team will be able to visualize route plans of each sales executive using the web based backend and create an optimal plan. Moreover, it becomes simpler to revise the plan based on market dynamics and re-assign it to the sales team. Sales orders are taken directly on FieldMax mobile application, which are accessible by the operations team in real time. This will eliminate the existing 10-12 days delay in order processing. Sales schemes, offers and discounts can be updated directly in the system, so that the field staff can access it immediately and use the information while taking sales orders. The application also provides an option for the sales staff to capture details of stock available at each retail outlet, which can be used to analyze unsold inventory at retail outlets.
Data captured by the sales team are automatically collated and presented to the client’s management through visually rich dashboards and reports. Monitoring and tracking of performance across sales teams, regions, retail outlets, product categories and SKUs can happen in real time, which in turn will help the management team take faster and intelligent decisions.