Experion is excited to announce that our use case – Automated Defect Checking of Railway Tracks with Drones and Lidar Sensors –   is among the Top 100 entries, and the only one from Kerala, that has been selected to move into Phase 2 of the 5G Hackathon conducted by the Ministry of Telecom, Government of India. 

5G Hackathon

The 5G Hackathon is an event conducted by the Ministry of Telecom,  Government of India to identify & scale ideas relevant to the country in the 5G realm, that can be developed into workable products and services that could impact the nation positively.

The event aims at identifying the top 100  most innovative ideas, which would be further shortlisted to the top 30, and top 3 ideas, with varying prize-amounts at each stage to encourage the innovators to continue pursuing their passion for change. 

Phase 1 commenced on 21st February 2020 and involved the call for entries, with individuals and groups from around the world submitting their ideas. The top 100 entries would proceed to Phase 2, where participants will work on their use cases to create prototypes or demonstrable products.

Our Winning Idea

The solution is envisaged as being able to automate fault and defect checking of railway tracks by enabling continuous monitoring of the perimeters using drones and LiDAR sensors on a 5G network. It would be powered by AI-ready edge compute solutions, IoT sensors, drones, and other connected components that orchestrate through large volumes of data transfers and analysis in low latency, highly secure dedicated 5G channel. 

Team Experion is now working on a demonstrable prototype that will be exhibited to a panel of judges during Phase 2 of the event. 

About Experion

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