Experion has signed an agreement with a leading Edutech solutions provider who works in the vocational training, further education, and employment services sectors in Europe.  

The client provides a comprehensive Edutech platform for crafting and executing training programs, increasing employability, and providing job-search support. It is rich in features including remote enrolment, remote assessment and insights through Power BI reports, webinar management, and a sophisticated resume builder, among other utilities that are imperative to a world-class Edutech solutions provider. 

The client wanted to future-proof their operations by reengineering their current legacy software applications to .NET & Angular-based frameworks.  

To zero-in on the right digital transformation solutions provider, the client conducted a POC evaluation between the vendors they shortlisted after thorough research.  Eventually, team Experion was selected, as they came up with a solution with the shortest time-to-market most efficiently.   

Experion will be working with the client’s development team to augment their efforts and provide key support in the digital transformation process.   

The engagement will also include Experion contributing significantly to their design and testing efforts.