Experion signed an agreement with a leading FinTech provider in the US to re-engineer its data analytics platform.  Merchants across the US market use the client’s analytics solutions to optimize, manage, and reduce card payment processing rates. 

Even though merchants across the country have been using their solutions, the existing platform lacks advanced analytics features necessary to help merchants get insights that improve efficiency and enhance the customer experience. The client wanted to address these pain points by re-engineering the current data analytics platform with the latest technologies, to help merchants understand their customer’s transactional behaviors and monetize payment transactions.

Experion’s team of functional and technical analysts will decode the current product architecture and develop the key features and requirements the client needs. On completion, the platform is envisaged to have an intuitive UI that enables merchants to track card payments effortlessly and an interactive dashboard that provides meaningful insights. 

Powered with advanced analytics, the solution will enable merchants to analyze the data for the desired period to determine trends and actionable items. The platform will be hosted on the cloud with provisions to incorporate additional features in the future.