Experion has signed a contract to conduct end-to-end security testing services for an On-Demand Pay Solution provider in Australia that enables employees across organizations to access their wages early and avoid unnecessary financial strain. 

The client partners with employers and payroll companies to give employees access to their wages On-Demand. The client’s platform, which gives early access to wages has given employees control over when they access their pay, reducing their financial stress, and eliminating the need to take on unnecessary debt.

The client is in the process of global standard compliance audits. As part of open-banking standards and compliance in a multi-stakeholder environment, the company wanted to conduct security/penetration testing for its software on its web and mobile platforms. Thus, the client approached Experion Technologies to provide them with the necessary software testing services. 

As a part of the engagement, Experion will be conducting Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing for the web and mobile platforms of the on-demand payment that the client offers.

Experion will be incorporating various testing methodologies to meet the client requirement. The different test approaches include: 

  • Security Requirement Analysis
  • Classify Security Testing
  • Threat modeling
  • Test Planning
  • Test execution
  • Report Generation
  • Retest for the fixed bugs

Our testing team will leverage tools such as OWASP ZAP, Burp Suite, W3af, Arachni, LFI Suite, OWASP AppSec BB, Kali Linux Distro, fping, sslyze, wapiti as part of the testing process.