The customer is the world-leading cancer research, education, and treatment center and Australia’s only public health service solely dedicated to caring for people affected by cancer. They have 3,300 staff, including more than 750 laboratory and clinical researchers, all focused on providing better treatments, better care, and potential cures for cancer.

For the past 70+ years of establishment, the customer is committed to researching cancer treatment breakthroughs and offering a range of services like diagnosis and investigation, treatment, cancer information and resources, and support services.

Experion has signed an agreement with the customer to develop test cases for the SAP Success Factors Employee Central Payroll module. The testing engagement for validating the SAP SF ECP was a challenging one in terms of- the volume of scope and stringent target timeline. So, unlike regular SAP ECP testing, a feature-wise functional testing approach would not work, rather a risk-based approach was implemented. Experion team considered Employee Payroll Central (ECP) validation checks as a one-stop test solution as the implementation is complex and the customer is on a tight schedule.

Experion’s test solution helped the payroll administrator team to check the master data inconsistencies. Apart from this, the client was able to perform the following activities:

  1. Analyse and understand the ECP workbook/ blueprints, project portal, supporting documents such as Location mapping detail, Employee Grouping template, PayScale Structure, Payment and deduction code template, training videos
  2. Identify and categorize the modules based on business RISK and prioritize them
  3. Mitigate the RISK of stringent timeline by preparing a test strategy document focusing on the daily delivery of test script for ECP modules
  4. Implement standard checks in Payroll Control Centre and use the payroll control centre to show the bank information related errors to the payroll administrators
  5. Use a workflow step for validating payment information while hiring
  6. Hooked a validation logic in the test scripts for the transaction IDs in the Employee Central -P2P replication enhancement spot
  7. Test execution and the issues reported were closely monitored for error in data replication so that the responsible administrator team and HR team is notified to rectify the payment information in Employee Central