The client is a healthcare solutions provider specialized in the neurodegenerative disease space. The client has developed their own proprietary, evidence-based behavior and lifestyle intervention techniques which can aid in regaining cognition of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Experion will help the client build a tablet-based application, which uses these techniques to aid patients and their families work together in managing and reducing memory impairment challenges.


As a first step to the engagement, Experion will initiate a discovery phase to understand the scope of development of the solution. Based on the requirements captured during the discovery process, Experion will commence development of the iOS application, which can be accessed on iPad devices. The tablet-based application will use interactive, visual maps that utilizes the brain’s habit system to establish healthy routines. It would also advise the patient on lifestyle best practices for nutrition, exercise, social engagement & sleep patterns to promote independence and reduce stress.