Experion has been awarded a new contract to develop a gamified public service platform for a client based out of New Zealand. The platform would use gamification elements to motivate, educate, compete, and accomplish the goals of younger members of society. Using a recurring papercut effect motif, the application encourages its users to set their current status and pursue future goals in a visual roadmap. The application urges its users to use virtual Tools, Power-ups, Game Tokens, Skillsets, etc. to accomplish their life goals as they use the application.

The initial focus of the project will be to pilot the concept to a specific target segment i.e., young residents. Experion will develop the mobile responsive web application using ReactJS and .Net Core technologies. A team of business analysts and UI/UX designers from Experion will work closely with the client to complete the pilot engagement. The project is expected to involve significant gamification concepts due to the nature of the target audience/ users and will have enhanced usability aspects to stimulate high user penetration among younger audiences. Upon completing the pilot launch, the application scope will be expanded to enable it to be deployed across multiple councils.