Experion has signed an agreement with a US-based enterprise in the building and infrastructure construction industry. The client manages a large operation interfacing multiple vendors and skilled construction employees as part of their day to day activities. 

A construction project team usually refers to various sets of building plans & drawings to arrive at the scope of work & estimates for a project. Specific construction terms & keywords are used on these sets of plans to identify and signify the scope of work involved. Project teams repeatedly go through the process of physically examining and extracting these keywords and details from a larger set of documents onto a condensed document. This is then used to assign skilled workers in the construction project.

Experion is developing a cloud-based solution that would allow our customer to automate the process for themselves as well as provide a SaaS offering for similar companies in the domain.

The product involves an AI and OCR ( Optical Character Recognition) module that would allow users to search the PDF for the relevant keywords on the fly through 1000s of documents and arrive at the right drawing that describes the searched keyword.

The solution will also help users to assign the work to trade specialists as per the requirement of the specific construction projects.