Experion has been signed up by one of the world’s largest and oldest suppliers of products & services to the foundry industry. The core business of the client revolves around manufacturing of foundry consumables required for the production chain. The client has a global sales force that works closely with some of the world’s largest companies in various Industries and intends to ramp up its efforts to support their field sales force with superior digital solutions including a revamped CRM application.

Experion has been awarded the contract to architect, design and develop their CRM application that will be primarily used by the client sales team. To be developed as a hybrid application, the solution will be built initially for a Windows platform, but can be easily extended to other mobile/tablet platforms as the need arises in the future. The application will be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics at the backend.  Being mostly data driven, the solution will have rich data visualization capabilities and options for slicing and dicing data using a range of filters.