The customer conducts online market research survey providing real-time quality insights. With their survey tool they provide sample solutions globally through affiliates and trusted partners, offering competitive sample pricing worldwide.

Headquartered in Toronto, the customer is conducting trusted surveys over a decade and generating an estimated annual revenue of $17.1M. This is one of the leading online survey platforms where organizations and individuals can quickly crowd source information, be it from their stakeholders or the voter panel, on a variety of topics. The voter panel members provide insight and perception by answering surveys or posting their own questions online.

They were planning to develop a mobile application and have connected with Experion owing to its unmatched expertise in product engineering. As a development partner, Experion has signed a contract with the customer to develop a mobile application for their survey platform. The team is planning to develop this hybrid mobile application which will be available on both iOS and Android platforms. The features of the application will allow users to sign-up to the platform, access or complete available surveys as well as redeem points.