Experion Technologies has initiated the development of a mHealth platform for promoting healthy lifestyles and proactive clinical care. The project is a new business venture of a leading Southeast Asia-based pharmaceutical company with business spanning across 30+ countries across the globe. The client wanted to develop a new line of business by developing a digital health solution that will enable end-users to lead healthy lives. The client chose Experion as a partner after evaluating our expertise in developing digital healthcare solutions for enterprises as well as early-stage companies. 

The mHealth platform is envisioned to act as a ‘Digital Health Locker’ where users can record their health as well as activity data periodically. The system is envisaged to provide timely reminders and alerts, which will help users become more health conscious, improve self-care, and ensure medication adherence. The users will have complete control over data stored in the locker and can provide restricted access to other stakeholders. 

Doctors and medical coaches will have a dashboard where they get insights on the user’s health, based on the shared data and saved medical reports. The platform will allow doctors and coaches to prepare and suggest diets, provide customized exercise recommendations in accordance with their health conditions, and provide in-person assistance with patients on a need basis.